Scarification is a means of permanently marking the skin by cutting alone, without the use of pigments. The scars may be lighter or darker than your original skin tone and may raise up (keloid scarring). There are many ways to produce a scar but the cut must always penetrate the dermis if a scar is to be produced. The result depends as much on your skin as the method used. Black skin in particular is very good at producing pronounced keloid scars and this is a popular alternative to tattooing for people with very dark skin, for whom a tattoo might not show up very well. Picking a cut can help in the production of keloid scarring but is not always necessary. It is helpful to be familiar with the way your skin heals before you embark on any scarification if you want to get the effect you desire.

scar1.JPG (4688 bytes)One method of producing scars is using a tattoo machine without pigment in such a way that it causes a scar to form. The result of this can be seen in this picture of a small (approx 1″ high) astrological symbol scar. It is generally considered easier to produce curved scars this way than with a scalpel. As with any body modification, plenty of research in advance is a must if you want to avoid wannabes and chancers!